The clip real for the new Beavis and Butt-Head show played before Mike Judge’s panel for the Television Critics Association. It showed the boys gaining hundreds of pounds eating fast food like that “Morgan Sherlock” dude, as they called him. They found out about the Twilight phenomenon and tried to become vampires, instead getting Hepatitis C. Of course they thought the sores and sickness were their sexy transformation. And further expansion on the Cornholio episode shown at Comic-Con had cultees analyzing the dual nature of “The Great Cornholio” and “The Almighty Bunghole.”

[post-video postid="221455"] “We’d been talking about doing another movie over the years,” Judge said. “I’d written down ideas for that. King of the Hill was done and I just thought who am I to turn this down? I really like doing it. I’ve been through development on animated shows. I thought, ‘I have a couple of good animated characters. Maybe I should just do it while I still can.’ I also feel like I’m a better director now.”

We know now that Beavis and Butt-Head will watch and give commentary on shows like Jersey Shore, 16 And Pregnant, UFC fights and internet viral videos. Judge promised some movie reviews too. “We got a little thing where they’re kind of like Siskel and Ebert reviewing a movie,” Judge said.

Judge actually tried branching out from music videos in the original series, but it didn’t work until MTV’s latest crop of reality TV. “We tried The Real World back in the day and for some reason it didn’t click. I watched a lot of Jersey Shore and now I’m hooked on it. It really clicked. It was just paydirt, 16 and Pregnant and all this.”

Judge promised they would also still watch music videos. With October 27 still months away, there’s time to work out the deals. They’re still waiting on Lady Gaga, but have the following confirmed. “Let’s see, Deadmaus. Yolanda B Cool. MGMT, T Baby It’s So Cold in the D. YouTube that.”

These videos will all be on the eventual DVD sets too. “That’s the other thing. The original run, the videos were only cleared for MTV so that’s why it’s very hard to get those on DVD. Now they’re going to be all cleared for everything.”

Beavis and Butt-Head are no longer hand drawn cell animation, but Judge made sure they look the same. “I think the digital process has gotten a lot better. Beavis and Butt-Head still look crappy. I’m using the same model sheets but ‘look better’ in the way I think looks better. It’s Hi-def but there are a lot of differences. To me it still feels like them to fans.”

Unfortunately, Judge confirmed, they have still never scored. Here’s hopin’.