Contest: Make James Bond Funny and Win Free Stuff

Thursday, September 4 by

Last week’s "fill in the bubble" contest went so well that we’re doing it again. This time using one of the new Quantum of Solace photos that have been floating around the internet. See, it’s fun and topical! Last week’s winner is posted below and this week’s contest is the same deal. Just leave a comment with something hilarious that could go in the bubble. After a week, we’ll read them all and pick the one that made us want to kill ourselves the least. The winner gets a brand new copy of Risky Business: The 25th Anniversary Edition on DVD. Easy, right? Feel free to enter as often as you want. Just be sure to actually register an account if you want to win. We can’t hunt you down if you post anonymously!

risky business 25th anniversary edition dvd prize

Last week’s winner was Magnum. His incessant commenting finally paid of when he entered, "Baldwin…its whats for dinner." Congratulations, Magnum. You’re going to be enjoying those Kenny Vs. Spenny DVDs as soon as I can get over my crippling agoraphobia and convince myself to go to the post office.

beetlejuice contest winner

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