Clive Owen is one of those actors who excels at both slimy bastards and sympathetic heroes. And he did a little bit of both simultaneously in Spike Lee's Inside Man, so it's not a huge surprise that he's reportedly been offered the role of the villain in Lee's remake of the cult Korean thriller Oldboy. But the remake is supposed to feature new characters and somehow be darker than the original (perhaps the producers mean this literally, as in the movie will be lit by candlelight).

If Owen accepts, he'll be playing the part of the bad guy who will be butting heads against Josh Brolin. And if you've seen the original movie, you probably agree that Owen would make a good fit for the upper-class villain of the piece (the role was first offered to Colin Firth, who turned it down). Another role has also been offered to Mia Wasikowska that was turned down by Rooney Mara. Maybe a good alternative title for the American version of Oldboy could be Sloppy Seconds. (The Playlist)