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The panel for the "The Family Guy" spinoff "The Cleveland Show" didn’t have as much hype as the panels that were premiering big movie trailers or had anything remotely to do with either Lost or Twilight.  What it did bring, however, was laughs, and lots of them.  Instead of rambling, the group of panelists, which included Seth Macfarlane, Mike Henry, Jamie Kennedy, and the rest of the principal cast, let the show speak for itself, showing an extended clip of the pilot and a clip of an episode airing in December...


The first clip established Cleveland as a surrogate father to the new cast, including roughing up a boyfriend (Jamie Kennedy as the “urban enthusiast” Federline Jones) of his new flame’s daughter Roberta, as well as teaching the young Rollo (think Stewie mixed with Tim Meadows' "Ladies' Man" character) how to sneak looks at the ladies in his kindergarten class without getting caught.

The second clip was a favorite with the guests in Ballroom 20.  When Cleveland tries to get Roberta to pledge her virginity to God, Cleveland Jr. jumps to pledge himself to God in an effort to impress his dad.  Cleveland, being the ladies’ man he is, does not want his son to be a hapless virgin.  Cleveland’s technique for getting his son to realize the dire need to lose one’s virginity, you ask?  Show him the inside of a comic book convention.  That backfires, however, when they both realize that there’s a bunch of cool stuff at comic-book conventions.

The style of the show seemed very similar to "Th Family Guy," judging by the clips.  One might go so far as to ask, “Well, what’s different about it, then?”  Awesome question!  So awesome, Screen Junkies already asked Cleveland himself, Mike Henry.  Video clip ahoy!

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Not mentioned is the presence of other guest actors, such as legendary director David Lynch playing “A bartender who looks a lot like legendary director David Lynch.”

The group also mentioned that while they intend to have some "Family Guy" crossover, they intend to let Cleveland do his own thang on his own show.  Judging by the response the clips got, and Mike Henry's winning enthusiasm for the show, it seems like the Macfarlane factory has another hit on their hands.  I, for one, have always wanted "Family Guy" to be funkier, sweeter, and feature Christmas songs with Earth, Wind, and Fire.  It seems like The Cleveland Show is addressing all of my concerns.