Celebrating The Career Of Jim Belushi

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On June 15, 1949 a baby boy who would become a successful and talented comedic actor was born. His name was Jim Varney. Five years later, a boy who would spend a lengthy career confounding audiences worldwide was birthed in Chicago. His name was Jim too. Screenjunkies offers a closer look at the achievements of a man famous for being born three deliveries after John Belushi.

10. Converting Paper into Comic Gold

Here’s a rare clip from the two years (83-85) Jim was on Saturday Night Live. One episode during Jim’s tenure featured hosts Hulk Hogan and Mr. T with musical guests The Commodores. Pity the fool wit no VCR.

9. Phoning It In-dependence Jim takes his Albanian ancestry very seriously. So when it was time to celebrate their Independence, Jim was ready. He set up a camera in the Museum of Old Lady and beamed it back to the village. Bonus for the subtitle font.

8. Speaking In Tongues Clearly, Albania was amazed by such cutting edge camera work. Jim graced their stage for the next gala event/jam session/closing credits. Never has the “Blue Brothers Bow” met such tepid applause. Hard to tell if the guy on the right is a translator since he’s holding cue cards. Besides, nervous indecipherable mumbling is more of a dialect in Albania.

7. Co-starring With Amateurs There was a brief glimmer of hope for a promising film career. Pair Jim with a sassy toddler. Pair Jim with trained German Shepherd. Cringe while hoping for “cute appeal”. Curly Sue did launch the career of a little-known actor, Scranton Branch’s own Steve Carell.

6. Bumping and Grinding and Biffing It Opening restaurants and approving menus can be exhausting. Kick back, climb onto the nearest waist-level platform, and let your hair down. Sorry, let the fans down. Fans of DJ Skribble.

5.Cooling Off Hotanta News Local newscaster Logan Crawford decided to add his own cool spin on covering the House Of Blues opening. Evidently, the reformed Blues Brothers recipe calls for: 2 stars from the feature film Blues Brothers 2000 1 James Belushi being a prick. Bonus: Dan Aykroyd’s name is impossible to spell.

4. Filling Out The Part Crack open a cold root beer and wonder what Dan Aykroyd is up to nowadays. No, after The Great Outdoors. Sip root beer. Await opening of local House of Blues. As a child, Dan was diagnosed with Tourette’s and Asperger’s Syndrome. Why is he the only one singing in key?

3. Promoting a Primetime Show While Being a Primetime Bro The set dresser carefully arranged over 30 bowls of barbeque products. According to Jim, the ribs and wings didn’t look realistic enough and needed much more sauce. Can you spot two things in this scene that aren’t around anymore?

2. Presenting for Representin’ Award shows are where a pair of co-stars or funnymen share some banter, announce nominees, and open an envelope. The Blockbuster Awards found the one presenter able to make David Spade seem appealing, besides the skeleton of David Spade.

1. Reinforcing the Gospel According to Carlin

George lays it down smoother than an order of Pan-Seared Voodoo Shrimp with Rosemary Cornbread.*

* Actual appetizer (“Opening Act”) from House of Blues menu

By Buck Russell

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