Casting Round-Up: ‘R.I.P.D.’, ‘Gangster Squad’, And ‘Alex Cross’ Score Some New Blood

Tuesday, August 9 by

Ryan Reynolds can kiss bachelorhood goodbye, as his R.I.P.D. character just found a new wife in Stephanie Szostak, who will also serve as a lead character. Though her character will be widowed, she will be able to sense Reynold’s presence, as he will be kicking criminal ass from beyond the grave. (THR)

Tyler Perry (shudder) will be answering to John C. McGinley in the latest adaptation of James Patterson’s Alex Cross in I, Alex Cross. McGinley’s character is described as “ambitious” and “vigorous.” “Vigorous,” eh? It’s not stipulated in the article, but one can safely assume that this character hates Zach Braff as well. (Variety)

And Gangster Squad’s Josh Brolin will be married to a hot redhead in Mireille Enos (The Killing). Mireille has garnered a bit of heat, having also signed on for World War Z recently. More than a wife in Gangster Squad, she will also work with Brolin in assembling his police squad as she fears for his life. Yay, terrified wife!


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