‘Captain America 2′ Made $96 Million This Weekend. How Much Did You Make?

Monday, April 7 by
If all superheroes wore distressed denim, the world would be a much safer place.  

Because Americans absolutely delight in both comic book movies and things with “America” in their title, Captain America: The Winter Soldier had an amazing opening weekend, shattering April records by taking in about $96 million.

Cap’n America knocked off Noah, who was pretty cool, but didn’t even have a shield, and the Y.A. adaptation Divergent to easily dominate the competition. In case you were thinking that Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel may have held off the Cap’n, you’re wrong, however, the film did manage to bring home $6 million bucks, which is about $1 for every obscure Kinks song used in the film.

So, if you thought that the Avengers universe might be losing a little steam with weaker entries like Thor 2...NOPE. We’re quickly approaching an “all-comic book movies, all-the-time” approach to cinema.

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