Brett Ratner has decided to team up with Disney, in a fairly unlikely marriage, to put out that remake of the 1984 film The Flamingo Kid. The original film starred Matt Dillon as a high school-grad-turned-cabana boy who shunned his working-class roots to masquerade as a slick playboy.

Because it's Brett Ratner, and nothing about this makes any sense at all, the script is penned by Nzingha Stewart, who's a hip-hop video director by day, and a rebooter of oddly esoteric 80s coming-of-age films by night.

No word yet on who could play The Flamingo Kid, but because it's Brett Ratner, we're going to slide our betting chips over to the "41 year-old Chris Tucker" spot on the gaming table. Now we play the waiting game.

Finally, we can bet that the film will come in way under budget due to the omission of money-wasting rehearsals.