Are you sitting down? Good. Standing's better for your core anyway. Wait. No. Sit down. This news is huge!

Catching Fire, assumed to be one of, if not THE, biggest films of the year, did very well at the box office last night. The shows started at 8 PM and brought in $25 million, which means that this movie will be financially successful, and there will probably be a third installment that has Katniss deal with the hollowness of fame or finds ennui in the banality of suburban life (I just started the second book, so I'm just assuming the third is far more existential.)

The people at Deadline, whom I like to consider friends I've never met (follow me on Instagram, y'all!), predict that the film will pull in $160-180 million this weekend, then do gangbusters Thanksgiving business as well, which means that this film will likely cross the $7 billion mark by mid-afternoon next Sunday, the 1st. (My projection, no citation needed.)

Ok. Shut up. Here's Jennifer Lawrence: