I think we as a nation have reached a point where we're ready to revisit Cory's quirky little world, only this time in the context of adulthood. The sequel is being bandied about as Girls Meets World, and will focus on the life of the parents (Cory and Topanga), as well as their pre-teen daughter.

So now the characters of Boy Meets World, a show I was a couple years too old for, are now parents with a tweenage daughter. Well, it's nice to know that we're all getting old together, I guess.

In tangential news, William Daniels, the guy who played Mr. Feeny, is 85 years young, which means that he will undoubtedly be making appearances on the show, probably as a really old life coach that lives in the Matthews' guest bedroom, because that's how the world works. All your important teachers in elementary school end up living with you in the twilight of their years.