Bonus Features: What To Watch This Weekend

Thursday, August 28 by

Between Vin Diesel movies and Animal Planet shows about a dude who gets eaten by a bear, this could be a decent weekend.

 Babylon A.D.

We put up a post day before yesterday about how the director of this film was putting his hand up in the air and giving the “Not My Fault” signal to the world. Honestly, how bad could it be?


Disaster Movie

Judd Apatow says that there are some movies that are just stupid and you are supposed to lay in bed when you have the flu and watch them and laugh. This is probably what he was talking about. So go get the flu and watch this movie, or just go watch it. It has hot womenz.


Guy Pierce, Don Cheadle. Lies guns. People switching sides. That’s all I know.


Grizzly Man Diaries: in the sanctuary (#101)- Premire

Friday. 9pm, Animal Planet. Werner Herzog made a way bizarre documentary about a fruity nutjob named Timothy Treadwell who lived with and was eventually eaten by bears. Its called Grizzly Man. This show uses some of the tons of footage that Treadwell show before being eaten.

Real Time with Bill Maher: episode 130 (#616)- 6th season summer premiere

Friday. 11pm HBO. Even though he might have recently been banned from the Playboy Mansion, I still think the man is one of the best political comics we have out there.  

Note: I’m not making any suggestions for Saturday. You need to go try to have sex with something.  Whatever, we dont care. Just get out there. And remember: always wear a condom.

Mad Men: Maidenform (#206)

Sunday. 10pm, AMC. It’s just how you are supposed to spend Sunday night.

Happy Labory Day Weekend, Junkies.  Dont kill yourself in a boating accident.


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Last weekend was sort of lame for new releases. This weekend has a shot at redemption with four possibilities. The tee-vee also holds a little magic in the world of shows we are currently enjoying. But do yourself a favor—if you have not seen the first few episodes, make a friend with On Demand.



Death Race

Like Mad Max, but in a jail. And people compete for their lives. And no Jew-hating Mel Gibson. Read our review, where we say it’s worth it.

The Rocker

An aged Rain Wilson revives his rock days with the help of a bunch of youngsters. Word on the street is that this one is falling flat. It’s your call.

The House Bunny

A Playboy bunny is tossed out of the mansion and into a sorority. I have no idea why. I don’t care why. I’m going to see it either way. But honestly, people are saying good things, so head on in and top-off your spank bank.

Hamlet 2

A failed actor directs a controversial play, complete with Rocking Sexy Jesus. Steve Coogan is a funny Brit Bastard. I’ll be seeing this one on the name alone. 


The Last Night of the Olympics

Sunday. 7pm, NBC. Watch Michael Phelps win his 17th medal in the 4000 meter ‘your girlfriend would rather be fucking me than you’ freestyle. I hate that event.

Generation Kill- Episode 7.

Sunday. 9pm, HBO. Watch America’s best and definitely not brightest pummel their way through a war of incompetent commanders and moral relativity. But seriously, this show is the shit and makes me want to shoot big guns. Hoo-Rahh.

Mad Men- Episode 2.05

Sunday. 10pm, AMC. Don Draper is a complex man in a world of black and white, living out my office fantasy.  How many broads will he nail before the show’s over? Sir, we salute you.

Enjoy the weekend!

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