I did this post yesterday about getting Sean Connery a birthday present. It was before this came to my attention. Now I'm adding Pimp Stick to the list. From Filmdrunk.

Want to be in Spiderman 4? (Yeah, neither do I). Just win this eBay auction. From /film.

WARNING. This has to do with Politics, particularly the Liberal Olympics known as the DNC, now happening in Denver.  Either way, it’s entertaining to watch Joe Scarborough flip his lid.  And it ends in hugging.

Here's a picture of some thing from Land of the Lost standing next to Will Ferrell. From Iwatchstuff.

Norm MacDonald Makes Fun of the Olympics, tries to sell his house. Did he stop drinking, I can't tell. Videogum has it.

It's also been a day of horrible ideas, with the news that they'll be making a Facebook movie. And now, Michael Phelps will be hosting SNL. From Commingsoon.

Welcome to the second part of the week, Junkie.