Well, it’s a big weekend for the pictures. I guess the point of the fall season is that it’s time to stop being outside and time to start watching stuff.  If you were to try to watch this entire list you would probably need to buy a diaper and install a fridge on the couch. There aren’t any box-office smashing megalodons in the line up. But there are a lot of new shows and movies that have some of promise

My Best Friend’s Girl- The status quo around the halls of the interweb is to H8TE on Dane Cook. And while he can be a little over the top sometimes, the clips we’ve seen of this movie have given us a good chuckle. Take your buddy’s girlfriend. <_o3a_p><_o3a_p>

Lakeview Terrace- This motherfucking movie motherfucking stars motherfucking Samuel motherfucking L. Jackson, motherfucker. It also has Patrick Wilson. This is a Neil Labute flick. He made two really stellar films in the 90’s: Your Friends & Neighbors and In The Company of Men. Take your local minority police officer. <_o3a_p><_o3a_p>

Ghost Town- Ricky Gervais is basically funny whatever he does. He could be drowning a kitten in a pool of puppy blood and I would giggle. Word on the street is that this one is pretty good, and probably a proper one to take a woman to. <_o3a_p><_o3a_p>

Battle in Seattle- You know what? In my limited spare time I watch Indie Media videos of protesters getting the shit beat out of them. So as long as this film has a few of these I can ignore any preachy, heavy handed propaganda that is will most likely offer. But srsly ppl, what’s with the WTO?!? I’m still all pissed about G-8 cotton subsidies causing depressed market prices in sub-Saharan Africa, ya’ll know what I mean!?!  Take your giant protest puppet. <_o3a_p><_o3a_p>

Towelhead- This one expands into more markets this weekend. Here’s the review. If you go see it, take your neighbor’s daughter. <_o3a_p><_o3a_p>

On The Tee Vee.<_o3a_p><_o3a_p>

Spaceballs: The Animated Series- Sunday. 5pm, G4. I’m pretty stoked to see this because John Candy hasn’t been doing much lately. I loved him in…what? He’s what? When? No shit! I had no idea. There’s four of these episodes, each 30mins.  A preview of the show can be found here.<_o3a_p><_o3a_p>

ABC Special: Jimmy Kimmel’s Big Night Of Stars- 7/6c. This is either going to be funny, or just be something that your grandmother records with her VCR, over an old episode of Dancing With The Stars.  It’s listed as a pre-Emmy extravaganza. <_o3a_p><_o3a_p>

ABC Special: 60th Primetime Emmy Awards- 8/7c Mad Men is going to basically destroy every other show. It’s going to be a slaughter.  Watch it if you’re into this kind of thing.<_o3a_p>

Old Standards:<_o3a_p><_o3a_p>

True Blood- Sunday, 9pm. HBO. We’re heard that it starts getting really good at episode 3.  I’m into it.<_o3a_p>

Entourage- Sunday, 10pm. HBO. I save this for Monday morning so I can get motivated to act like Ari during the week.<_o3a_p>

Mad Men-  Sunday, 10pm. AMC. Something about this show makes me feel perfectly ok about the gallon of scotch I drink while I watch it.  Last weeks episode was really, really good.