There are always things that we can't really put our amazingly unique and extensive touch on. So here are a few of them, in list form.

This was a pretty good summer for movies, but was it the best movie summer ever? Probably not. Here's a list that breaks them down. From Maxim Online.

Don't you love it when TV stars think they're musicians? It's like when a baby thinks it can shave like a big person and ends up severely cutting its face so badly that no one can ever love it, not even its own mother. From Mental Floss.

Here's a list of 26 action movie babes. That one pretty much explains itself. From Heckler Spray.

10 Star Wars toys that unintentionally look like other celebrities. I wish I liked em enough to appreciate this. From Topless Robot.

And more on this whole Heavy Metal thing. Now it has 74 different directors. From Film Drunk.