It was a good week for a lot of reasons. Olympic scandals, Russian invasions, no more Issac Hays. But most importantly, Screenjukies has hit the ground running. We are now the third most popular website on the internet, right after ebay and Cat Fanciers Online. So here's a few more items before the weekend.

Trapped in the Closet meets Haute Tension. Bloody bloodyness ensues. From Street Boners and TV Carnage.

One thing about Asia is that labor is cheap. So why not build buses out of people?  From Videogum.

Bangkok Dangerous drops on Sept 5th. I've always wanted to go to Bangkok. But I probably never will. So instead I'll watch the movie. From Traileraddict.

America Ferarra does NOT like Gossip Girl. From Filmdrunk.

There are times when you realize that Borat is based on real people. This is totally one of them. From Best Week Ever.

Now go enjoy all of that beautiful summer weather by sitting in your local theatre. Lord knows we will. Bon Weekend, From Screenjunkies.