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It’s usually a bad idea whenever anyone starts off as one thing and then later becoms an actor. I guess it worked out for Harrison Ford when he made the jump from lowly set carpenter to Han Solo in Star Wars, but after watching the trailer for Cyborg Soldier over at, I don’t think we’ll ever be comparing Harrison to UFC champ, Rich Franklin ever again. has an almost-psychoti break down of all things vampire from the HBO show True Blood. (Wired)

Here’s a list of the top 50 movie gunfighters of all time. Horay for violence! (The Shiznit UK)

This list of the 10 greatest cursing moments in cinematic history clearly left out the wedding scene from Old School. It still made me titter like a school girl, though. (Cineobscure)

Here’s a list of the best bad science fiction movies of all time. They would be better if they were part of MST3K episodes. (io9)

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It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means. We’re only two days away from the release of the new Meg Ryan chick flick, The Women! I would rather star in a remake of 2 girls, 1 cup than watch that. Even if I was playing the cup. Here are some links to help get that image out of your head. Not the 2 girls, 1 cup images, I know you’re fine with those, but the Meg Ryan images. Yikes.

What if Robert De Niro and Al Pacino were in every movie? Well, every movie would suck less, I guess. (Metro Mix)

Haven’t you ever wanted to slap Adam from Mythbusters in the face? This is what it would look like in super slo-mo. (College Humor)

Chucky is going to be back for another Child’s Play movie. Hopefully this one won’t be horrible like the past few. Seed of Chucky made me wish some toy would kill me. Or a homeless guy. Any deadly thing would really be fine. (Shock Till You Drop)

Check out the trailer for the Coppola restoration of The Godfather trilogy, which is due out soon on Blu-ray. I can’t wait to watch the first two and throw the third one right in the garbage. Sorry Netflix, it has to be done. (Rope of Silicon)

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