Whatever. If My Bloody Valentine can release their first record since 1993 in 2013 and pretend like no time passed in between, then I suppose the 2013 world is right where it needs to be to bring the Generation X (ugh) saga to the small screen.

Deadline's stating that the show will still take place in the 1990's universe, presumably with new characters, or possibly with Steve Zahn and a lot of makeup, rather than picking up on the gang of Houston slackers 20 years later in 2013.

The show will be launched by several producers of the original film, and will presumably take a nostalgic look at the 90's in much the same way that the 1990's film character took a nostalgic look at The Brady Bunch. I suppose if the new TV show characters can break the fourth wall and comment on their disgust for the their own show and the concept of turning something that intended to capture the zeitgeist into Buzzfeed fodder it could be a pretty meta commentary and subtextual undertaking.

Otherwise, what the fuck is the point of this show?