Ben Affleck Will Be…Batman

Friday, August 23 by
Batman sorta looks like David Gest.  

Warner Bros. has announced that their newest Batman will be Ben Affleck. Which is funny because he was Daredevil for DC comics and that didn’t go super well. Rather than just rush right out and give him, like, his own movie, they’re going to gradually let us get used to Daredevil as Batman over the course of the next three years and at least one movie in which he makes an appearance during the next Superman film, directed by Zack Snyder.

Then we remember that in Hollywoodland Ben Affleck played George Reeves who played Superman, and everything gets very messy and we start to wonder if Benny A’s parents didn’t trade him to DC Comics for an Aquaman sleeping bag during his childhood years.

Now we just need to hear about how the best part of Batman’s day is the 30 seconds when he’s walking up to Alfred’s door and he’s hoping that Alfred won’t answer and just fucking tok off to see about a girl.

I’d watch that film.

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