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Danica Patrick Go Daddy Beaver Ad

Banned because "Fox told GoDaddy if it wanted the commercial run, it would need to omit the reference to nature's most skilled gnawers because of that certain part of the female anatomy to which the ad was referring. Adhering to its strict principles, GoDaddy told Fox something along the lines of 'no beaver, no deal'.

Homophobic Snickers Ad

Banned after GLAAD claimed the ad "fuels the anti-gay bullying that haunts countless gay and lesbian school-children on playground all across the country," and was "prejudice and inexcusable."

Eva Mendes Risque CK Ad

Uncensored Eva Mendes Calvin Klein Commercial - The best home videos are here

Banned because a shot of her nipple as she flails around in the sheets topless appears. Calvin Klein says that it's "not entirely a surprise for the U.S. market"

Volkswagen Jumper Ad

Banned after complaints from a number of mental health charities for "mocking and exploiting the serious subject of suicide."

LeBron Nike Ad

Banned in China because it was an "affront to the National Dignity of showing LeBron (a foreign opponent) defeat traditional Chinese figures such as a kung fu master."

Texas Double Whopper 'Manthem'

Banned after complaints from The Children's Food Campaign becuase the ad portrayed eating unhealthy burgers as being manly. Sexism was also touched on, as well as the depiction of the burger as being much larger in the commercial than in real life. Burger King responded, "Customer research has identified there are plenty of men who enjoy indulging in a quality burger."

Budweiser Janet Jackson

Tagged as being unsuitable for Super Bowl 2005.


Banned for portraying too clear of a reference to rival company iTunes. Such overt criticism of a competitor's products or services is generally regarded as unacceptable in  US advertising.

Ikea Dildo

Heads Up 7-Up

Whale Beer Australian Ad

Dorky Underwater Camera

Classic Banned Ad

Too Damn Tall Sony Ad (not real, but funny as hell)

Beer Makes Women Prettier

Vibrator Phone

Dumb Blonde Mercedes

Racist against blondes. Furthers stereotypes.

Bud Light Rips One

Breast Exam

Ignorant Foreigners

XBOX Bang Bang

Pulled due to complaints of "alleged violent content."

Snickers Homophoibc Ad

Lethally Sexy Underwear 

Naked Ice Cream

Lynx Makes Women Better

Working At Home

Spicy Wendy's

Creepy Polish Ad

Japanese Ad

Violence Against Women