I had no idea that Sports Emmys were around to monitor and facilitate competition between different sports programs on television. Once that fact is absorbed, it should come as little surprise that Sunday Night Football on NBC, the most-watched show on primetime, kills it with these awards.

The prevailing logic in the world of sports seems to be "the more people you have crammed into your telecast, the better your show is," so it should come as little surprise that SNF takes the cake, because they have about 56 different personalities involved in that one.

Finally, an awards show that refuses to recognize AMC. I like it.

Below are all the winners in their pinstriped and hair-gelled glory.

Outstanding Live Sports Special
The 109th World Series – Red Sox vs. Cardinals (Fox)

Outstanding Live Sports Series
Sunday Night Football (NBC)

Outstanding Edited Sports Event Coverage
All Access – Mayweather vs. Canelo Epilogue (Showtime)

Outstanding Playoff Coverage
American League Championship Series – Red Sox vs. Tigers (Fox)

Outstanding Sports Documentary
The Doctor (NBA TV)

Outstanding Sports Documentary Series
30 for 30 (ESPN)

Outstanding Studio Show – Weekly
College Gameday – Football (ESPN)
Inside the NBA on TNT (TNT)

Outstanding Studio Show – Daily
Inside The NBA on TNT: Playoffs (TNT)

Outstanding Sports News Anthology
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (HBO)

Outstanding Sports Journalism
E: 60 – Children of the Ring (ESPN2)

Outstanding Short Feature
SportsCenter – Richie Parker: Drive (ESPN)

Outstanding Long Feature
60 Minutes Sports – Great Falls (Showtime)

Outstanding Open/Tease
Super Bowl XLVII – We Will Rock You Remix (CBS)

Outstanding New Approaches – Sports Event Coverage
The 34th America’s Cup – Official App America’s Cup Event Authority

Outstanding New Approaches – Sports Programming
Sports Illustrated – A Boy Helps a Town Heal (SI.com)

Outstanding New Approaches – Sports Programming Short Format
JFK: The Untold NFL History of That Day in Dallas (NFL.com)
NFL UP! (NFL.com)

Outstanding Sports Personality – Studio Host
Bob Costas, NBC/MLB Network

Outstanding Sports Personality – Play-by-Play
Mike Emrick, NBC/NBCSN

Outstanding Sports Personality – Studio Analysts
Harold Reynolds, MLB Network/Fox
Tom Verducci, TBS/MLB Network

Outstanding Sports Personality – Sports Event Analyst
Cris Collinsworth, NBC

Outstanding Sports Personality – Sports Reporter
Michele Tafoya, NBC

Outstanding Technical Team Remote

Outstanding Technical Team Studio
MLB Tonight MLB Network

Outstanding Camera Work
24/7 – Red Wings – Maple Leafs: Road to the Winter Classic (HBO)

Outstanding Editing
Hard Knocks – Training Camp with the Cincinnati Bengals (HBO)

The Dick Schaap Outstanding Writing Award
NFL Films Presents – Yours Truly, Dr. Z (NFL Network)

Outstanding Music Composition/Direction/Lyrics
Hard Knocks – Training Camp with the Cincinnati Bengals (HBO)

Outstanding Live Event Audio/Sound
MLB on FOX (Fox)

Outstanding Post-Produced Audio/Sound
Hard Knocks – Training Camp with the Cincinnati Bengals (HBO)

Outstanding Live Event Graphic Design
X Games (ESPN)

Outstanding Post-Produced Graphic Design
MLB Tonight (MLB Network)

Outstanding Studio Design/Art Direction
NBA Playoffs on TNT (TNT)

Outstanding Production Design/Art Direction
Sunday Night Football – Waiting All Day for Sunday Night Opening (NBC)

The George Wensel Technical Achievement Award
The Premier League – Goal Line Technology (NBCSN)

Outstanding Sports Promotional Announcement – Institutional
NFL Draft – Leon Sandcastle (NFL Network)

Outstanding Sports Promotional Announcement – Episodic
NHL on NBCSN – Wednesday Night Rivalry (NBCSN)

Outstanding Live Sports Coverage in Spanish
Rumbo Al Mundial – Costa Rica vs. Mexico (Telemundo)

Outstanding Studio Show in Spanish
Nación ESPN (ESPN Deportes)
SportsCenter (ESPN Deportes)

Outstanding On-Air Sports Personality in Spanish
Andres Cantor (Telemundo)