AMC has announced today that it reached an agreement with Sony Television to license the Saul Goodman spinoff from Breaking Bad, and the word on the street is that it's a prequel. The show hasn't technically been ordered yet, but they're probably just waiting to deal us some really harsh blow in the next weeks of Breaking Bad, then smooth things over with the announcement.

Unfortunately, the prequel revelation does NOTHING to give certainty to the fate of Saul in a Breaking Bad context, so we can all assume that Walter White shoots him with that huge gun, then dumps ricin in the wounds in a macabre twist.

Or he's fine.

Some other things that are (and aren't) mentioned:

  • The prequel will be an "evolution" of the character, so he might start off as a normal, non-slimy, non-awesome person. Vince Gilligan LOVES evolutions of star characters.

  • The show will be an hour long, and not the thirty minute comedy that had been rumored a couple months back.

  • It's not mentioned if Vince Gilligan will be as involved in this as he is in Breaking Bad. It would be great to have him on board creatively, but the world may require his authorship on another, non-prequel project.

  • LITERALLY NO MENTION OF HUELL. He's probably in the bathroom. He's got a stomach thing.

  • Its working title is Better Call Saul. No shit.