What are you doing on Fridays from 10-11 PM? If you're already watching MSNBC during that time, disregard this article. Nothing is going to change for you.

HOWEVER, if you're a fan of Alec Baldwin, and you really don't like your friends or hanging out with other people very much, your night may have gotten about 5% more interesting, as MSNBC and Baldwin have confirmed, after speculation, that he'll be hosting a weekly show to talk about current events. It will be called Up Late W/ Alec Baldwin. I'm guessing they couldn't spell out "with" for the same reason they called that other show Don't Trust The B in Apartment 23 – a nationwide shortage of i's, t's, and h's.

If you're wondering if that wasn't what he was already doing with his podcast, you bring up a good point, but this will involve visuals as well. Totally different.

Here's a list of things that Alec Baldwin can call "rude thoughtless little pigs" on his new cable news show:

  • his daughter (again)

  • Bill O'Reilly

  • Jack McBrayer

  • entitled baby pigs

  • "The rent is too damn high" guy

  • Herman Cain

That's it. That's the exhaustive list.