Aaron Paul To Play The Biblical Joshua…Ok, Fine…BITCH!

Tuesday, August 27 by
If they were looking for an actor who has experience standing around in deserts, they found their guy.  

Aaron Paul, has up until now been known for two things, starring in Breaking Bad, and being the hands-down best celebrity that’s out there in the world. He might pick up one more feather in his cap (in addition to his upcoming HBO series, of course) by playing Joshua, a guy who was in the Bible.

Sunday school was a long time ago. What do you want from me?

He’ll be co-starring with Christian Bale who will play Moses, which means BEN AFFLECK IS PLAYING BATMAN!!!!! Just kidding. Over it.

The film is Ridley Scott’s Exodus, and will tell the story of guys wandering around in the desert in a fashion that’s hopefully a hell of a lot more engaging than Gus Van Sant‘s Gerry, which starred Casey Affleck, the BROTHER OF THE GUY WHO’S GOING TO PLAY BATMAN.

If they can find any excuse at all to put Joshua in one of those really obnoxious hoodies that Pinkman wears, then…giddyup.

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