Crispin Glover has Craziest Moments written all over his incredibly distinctive face. He also seems like he lives his life as though everyday is Halloween. So who better to feature in this week’s list of bizarre moments? Nobody, that’s who.

1. Kicking This one is a legendary appearance. All these years later it has become Youtube gold. The role of hallucinogens has still not been confirmed. But word on the street is that he might have ingested a sheet of acid in the greenroom.

2. Clowning Everyone made some sort of music video in the 90's that they are currently not proud of.

3. Portraying I can’t possibly explain the back-story to this clip. It’s an amazing bit of quasi-documentary movie history, more recently popularized by an episode of This American Life. The clip is from a film called The Beaver Trilogy.

4. Acting Filmdrunk had this last week. It’s an awesome clip. It’s also a reminder that Crispin did a lot of films that were not totally bizarre-- Back To The Future being the best example.

5. Serenading Who doesn’t want to take a moment every once in a while to put on a stage show intended to express your deep appreciation and affection for rodents?

6. Dancing Listen to the song. Doesn’t it sound like Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote it? It makes me want to just fucking shake the shit out of my entire body.

7. Hallucinating This is a clip from the movie Rubin and Ed. And here’s a story that has nothing to do with it. I ran into Crispin once at a copy store in Hollywood. He was making posters for a show. It was really something that an assistant should have been doing. He was there for close to an hour. He was extremely polite to everyone in the store, was well dressed, and spent a lot of time on his Blackberry. That’s it.

8. Tubing Another clip from Rubin and Ed. Worth it for the giant shoes and waterskiing cat’s facial expressions.

9. Asking (NSFW) And finally, here’s the trailer for What Is It? It’s a film directed and produced by Crispin that asks the question of how porn stars and people with Down’s Syndrome can be utilized in pursuits-cinematic.

Mr. Glover. You are what we need more of in this world. Here’s to you, from The Junkies.