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With the I LOVE YOU, MAN DVD & Blu-Ray hitting the street on August 11th, Screen Junkies decided this list needed a bit of an update (or upchuck, perhaps).  We’re still paying homage to the vomit takes, barf clips and hurl gags that came "B.R." (That’s "Before Rudd"), but we want to lead this list with an all-new exclusive DVD clip that tells you just HOW they pulled off the now infamous scene of Rudd puking all ove IRON MAN 2 director (and occasional actor) Jon Favreau.

Now that you know just how much work can go into convincingly recreating someone losing his lunch on film, enjoy nine more courses of gastrointestinal eviction:


#9 THE PAROLE OFFICERWith a few exceptions (like Hamlet 2), Brit comedian Steve Coogan is known for much subtler, sophisticated comedy.  This clip from The Parole Officer is another one of those exceptions.  As if we didn’t already know that queasiness plus G-Forces are a recipe for airborne barf stew, Coogan reminds us with panache.  He also reminds us how funny it is to answer a question by simply vomiting.  ‘Nuff said.


#8 TORCHWOODTorchwood is a spinoff of the BBC’s Dr. Who series.  It’s about a team of secret paranormal investigators in Cardiff, Wales.  We already know that the UK offers some pretty paranormal food to begin with (steak and kidney pie, anyone?).  But it’s even weirder coming out, especially when the person vomiting it up is standing on his head like some opening act from Siegfried and Roy’s Gastrointestinal Mystery Tour.  You’d better put your feet up on your desk so they don’t get meaty chunks all over them.


#7 THE EXORCISTI still can’t eat pea soup without thinking about this classic clip.  Consequently, I don’t eat pea soup.  The Exorcist teaches us that when you’re dealing with an über-demon possessing the body of a little girl, and you think you’ve got them in a corner because their appendages just happen to be tied down, you don’t ask any questions that could possibly be answered with projectile vomit all over your face.  What the filmmakers cut was the revelation that the priest’s mother’s middle name was "Pukington."


#6 STAND BY MEOh, the Legend of Lardass.  This may take the cake… er… pie for most people vomiting simultaneously in a single shot.  It’s nothing less than inspired.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s an American Institution in and of itself.  I’m going to lobby for it to become required storytelling at all Cub Scout camp outs, and that there should be a merit badge given to the Scout who actually induces one of their Troop members to actually vomit.  Lardass’s story is verbal ipecac.


#5 POULTRYGEISTThis clip is from behind-the-scenes of one of Troma’s later films. I think it’s a great follow-up to Stand By Me, as it shows the elaborate choreography it takes to pull off such convincing "group vomit".  Okay, so this is actually pretty shitty, but the actors sure are into it.  I know when I vomit, I like to then adjust my position to ensure the maximum amount of vomit lands on the person next to me.  I really love it when, instead of running away, they then return the favor.  That’s the beauty of Troma.


#4 CITY OF THE LIVING DEADItalian horror maestro Lucio Fulci directed this, so you know it’s gonna be good n’ gory.  You also know it will look as if badly ADR’d (and it is, but boy does that make it even better).  Fast forward a bit to get to the good stuff, and marvel as a killer induces vomiting with his mind.  Side effects may include: bleeding from the eyes, vomiting blood, vomiting bloody intestines, and rectal bleeding (not seen).

#3 MEET THE FEEBLESIf you haven’t seen this film in its entirety, you need to finish reading this article, then drop everything and watch it.  It’s one of Peter Jackson’s earlier films, and if you aren’t aware, Mr. Jackson had a proclivity for really dark gross-out humor, as well as puppets.  This clip is the first I can recall of a puppet vomiting.  The puppet in question also happens to be a rabbit with AIDs.  Ahem.  Right.

#2 MONTY PYTHON’S THE MEANING OF LIFEYou know what happens when you eat too much rich French cuisine?  Your stomach gets blow’d up.  Even when the Matire’d is kind enough to supply you with a silver-lined bucket in which to "deposit" your truffles, petits-fours and fois gras.  They don’t do that during Scampi Fest at Red Lobster.


#1 TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICEI saved this one for last, because it’s a bit of a cinematic puke-pourri.  Puppets?  Check.  Ridiculously lengthy vomits?  Double check.  But I think it’s the dramatic music laid over Gary hitting rock bottom that really sells it home for me.  There’s nothing that says gravitas like the combo of a full orchestral score and barf splattering asphalt.

For more vomiting fun, check out our newer, user-generated list:


Okay, if you made it through this far, then you, sir or madame, are truly an afficionado of  cinematic barf.  As a parting prize, I leave you with this unsettlingly adorable montage of…



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