6 TV Jerks You Love To Hate

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These guys make your jaw drop. They make you laugh until your stomach hurts. They make you blurt out the occasional expletive, too. Who are these lads? They are TV’s cocky, crude, womanizing, and downright deceptive dudes. They’re the jerks we hesitatingly like more and more after each and every episode.

1. Barney of “How I Met Your Mother

Quite possibly the most loveable sitcom jerk ever, this role is ironic for the always entertaining Neil Patrick Harris. NPH, who is openly gay, plays Barney, a man who can’t ever seem to get enough women in his bed. He makes us laugh with his weekly ridiculous escapades and gasp with his once a season, down-to-earth moments. An egotistical bachelor, his “man-child” humor keeps us coming back for more every week.

2. Tyrion Lannister of “Game Of Thrones

This dwarf bows for no one. Overcoming his height with his snarky intellect, he insists every person knows of his family wealth and power. Tyrion lies and deceives, but then surprises us with his honest moments. An underdog who wouldn’t be deemed honorable, he’s not a dreadful human, either. Appreciated for his real, humanistic qualities, he is another guy we love to hate.

3. Don Draper of “Mad Men

With undeniable potential to be the “good guy,” Draper just can’t get it right. A driven advertising executive, this hot shot has severe issues with infidelity. Though we thought for a second he’d be faithful to his new wife, he inevtiably returned to his old ways. Tall, dark, and handsome, Draper is loved by the ladies and envied by the men who tune in to the drama very week.

4. James “Sawyer” Ford of “Lost”

Remember that suspenseful ABC series that came to an astonishing end a few years ago? We didn’t forget either.  Stuck on a deserted island with a compelling and often unbelievable storyline, there was that one guy who stood out. He wasn’t Jack, the hero. He was the sarcastic and manipulative, Sawyer.

The guy had deep-seeded issues that drove him to steal his fellow savages‘ belongings and demean everyone in sight. Yet, the muscular, blue-eyed guy proved to be a bad ass, earning him cool points all around.

5. Eric Northman of “True Blood

A strikingly handsome, blood-sucking vampire, Eric is also a dry-humored, narcissistic, and brutal supernatural. Yet, we can’t help but admire him for his wise cracks and wit as well as his sporadic and fun evil side. 1,000 years old, Eric is a certified “know it all,” and rightfully so. He was originally far more wicked, but he still surprises us with his blood thirst and vengeance today.

6. Dwight Schrute of “The Office

Well this name probably threw you off, huh? Dwight, an unusual suspect in a list of TV jerks, is as nerdy as he is unnecessarily competitive and as annoying as he is scheming. The guy takes crap from no one and is forever trying to one up his arch nemesis, Jim. Oblivious to his social awkwardness, he expects respect all around.

These guys keep us glued to the tube every week in anticipation with what they’ll say next. Pulling stunts, starting fights, and disrespecting women–these jerks are capable of it all. That’s why they’re men we love to hate.

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