6 Films That Skewer Famous Dictators (Including Kim Jung Il, Duh)

Monday, December 19 by

Hot Shots – Saddam Hussein

Well, I don’t find this to be a very accurate representation at all. Saddam Hussein didn’t have any bikini tan lines when I saw him taking his physical. I don’t think that they were going for realism in Hot Shots. I also was not able to find any evidence that he wore Yankees garb or DustBustered his own dick. Of course, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Perhaps the Hot Shots: Part Deux scribes did much more research than I did. That would make sense.

South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut – Saddam Hussein

Many probably felt that Saddam was metaphorically in bed with the devil, but the South Park guys decided to take a more literal approach, suggesting that perhaps Saddam and the devil were gay together, Saddam was actually a top to the devil’s bottom, and that Saddam wore the pants in the relationship. Considering this film goes after censorship, our military-industrial complex, Canada, and racism, it’s no wonder that they tossed in Saddam for good measure.

Again, no evidence to support these claims. I’m beginning to think that Stone and Parker pay little credence to historical accuracy in their portrayals, which is a shame, because my friends and I get about 90% of our news from South Park episodes. I bet they exaggerated that Barack Obama jewelry heist thing, too.

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