6 Films That Skewer Famous Dictators (Including Kim Jung Il, Duh)

Monday, December 19 by

Inglorious Basterds – Adolf Hitler

Satire! Considering the entire film is about two disparate parties’ efforts to kill Hitler, it’s no surprise that we get some Hitler scenes here. As best I can tell, nothing in this film reflects reality, not least of which would be Hitler getting shot 900 times until his face explodes. But we can always dream, can’t we? His death aside, the portrayal of Hitler in Basterds appears to be fairly realistic, step for step with what we have seen in non-satirical fare like Downfall.

When he gets shot, though…awesome.

Team America: World Police – Kim Jung Il

Trey Parker and Matt Stone take things the other direction with their portrayal of the late Kim Jung Il in Team America: World Police. Kim is reduced to an Asian stereotype that can’t pronounce his “r”s from his “l”s. In fact, the directors seem hell-bent on depicting Jung Il as an Asian hybrid of Eric Cartman and Mr. Garrison.

Nuclear proliferation and starving his own people aside, I’m really going to miss the comedy fodder that Kim Jung Il provided. Mourn ya till I join ya, bro.

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