6 Films That Skewer Famous Dictators (Including Kim Jung Il, Duh)

Monday, December 19 by
I'm sure his passing will be treated with the reverence he deserves.  

It is with a heavy heart that I join the world in saying goodbye, Dear Leader. May your now superhuman existence carry you past the need for a mortal body, and may your glory continue to shine on People’s Glorious Repobulic of The Glory of North Korea. Glory.

The word in Koreatown is that Kim Jun Il will be succeeded by his son Lil’ Kim Kim Jung Un. May he be as batshit crazy as his father, creating a cult of personality that would make Ron Artest blush.


Lest you feel that Jung Il isn’t getting a fair shake in the media (who would really argue that?), compare him to these tyrannical depictions and see how he stacks up.

I heart dictators.

The Great Dictator – Adolf Hitler

There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to the “dictators” that appear at the beginning of the original Naked Gun film. We have Qadaffi, the Ayatollah, Yasir Arafat, and…Mikhail Gorbechav? Perhaps I didn’t give enough weight to the cold war in the late 80’s. Oh well.

Frank Drebin, for reasons indeterminate and unimportant, simply beats up all of these leaders in an unspecified middle eastern location. And after that ass-whoopin’, we never again found any of those men in America. Nice work, Police Squad.

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