20 Random Movie Facts You Absolutely Need To Know

Tuesday, March 25 by

Behold, 20 randomly cool movie facts, so random, so cool, your head might just explode—mine almost did from the Tom Cruise factoid alone. Seriously, though, any and all true movie lovers should know this stuff, it’s good stuff!


Christopher Lee as Saruman in Lord of the Rings


A shoe and potato in Star Wars asteroid field


McGuffin speaks Doric in Brave



Ripley in her spacesuit in Alien


Christopher Johnson in District 9


bruce willis as john mcclain in die hard


at war in braveheart



meet the fockers cast


In the cockpit in Dr Strangelove


The Joker holds a joker playing card


Jim Cameron Avatar trivia


Jim Belushi Sam Kinison John Candy and Chris Farley


Rick and Ilsa at say goodbye in Casablanca

room 237 shining trivia


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