By Jared Jones

There are perhaps no two things held in higher regard on the Internet than Reaction Gifs and Channing Tatum. No, not even porn.

Like a good reaction gif, Channing Tatum can say more with a look, pelvic thrust, or tongue waggle than words can or ever will be able to express. So to celebrate his dramatic turn in Foxcatcher, which receives a limited theatrical release on Friday, we've combined the Internet's two favorite things into the Internet's third favorite thing: A list! I expect this post to receive no less than 4 billion hits.

When you're attempting to woo a member of the opposite sex:

When you realize that someone ate your last Oreo:

When you're in need of a confidence boost:

When you be stalking that girl you met on Tinder:

When your friend just said something really, really, really funny:

When you're listening to Taylor Swift's latest breakup song:

When you challenge someone to a fight over the Internet and they back down:

When you're trying to appear casually athletic:

When you're trying to appear casually intellectual:

When you can't even with dis bitch: 

When you're feeling extra sensitive: 

When you just set a new personal best at the gym:

When you're sizing up the competition: 


When you just put on your favorite pair of blammin' jeans: 

When you're not as smooth as you think you are:

When everything in life is going exactly according to plan: