William Shatner is a great fit for our reoccurring list of crazy star moments. The man does some truly bizarre things while seeming to take himself completely seriously. But really, it’s all just a joke. We think. And with the sad news that he will not take part in J.J. Abrams' forthcoming Star Trek film we have taken it upon ourselves to remind you just how intergalactically awesome he really is.

1. Rocket Man Tries Angel Dust

The 60’s and 70’s were a time of great cultural experimentation. This might have been one of the brightest, shiniest culturally experimental moments of them all. When my friend Brad turned me on to this performance years back, I never really understood it. But this version REALLY clears things up.

2. Getting Very Excited by NASCAR
Shatner and the Wolf - Watch more free videos

There are certain things that science is sure of. Combine hydrogen and oxygen and you get water. Mix oil and vinegar and you get salad dressing. Put a famous person in a NASCAR and they’re going to make a funny noise. Woooooooooo! Woooooohhhh! Sweet.

3. Offering A Tribute to George Lucas And His Hair

Ok, this one is actually just straight funny. The entire performance is well choreographed, particularly the cutaway to Chewbacca standing to clap.

4. Doing Astounding Celebrity Impersonations Wow, it looks like a crack team of video bloggers burst into Shatner’s Hotel room at 3am right after he’d fallen asleep following a hard night of drinking and demanded he do celebrity impersonations at gun point. JUST ACT COOL AND GIVE US JIMMY STEWART, SHATNER, AND NOBODY GETS HURT.

5. Talking Like One Of The Cool Kids  Shatner’s recent fame with the kids is due to the fact that he's the spokesperson for Priceline.com. That was a good move by the ad Wizards. We have all benefit from this decision.

6. Playing The $20,000 Pyramid By Himself Wow. The crazy thing is that I think he lost.

7. Trashing the Set Again, from The $20,000 Pyramid. This time a scene that is the definition of rock star.

8. Explaining the Latest Technologies Man, that is a real computer keyboard. Much more real than what I’m using now. It looks like it’s made out of a block of Pennsylvania Steel. Why aren't computers these days aren’t wonder computers?

9. Detecting A Sweet Odor, Like Honey

No comment. Seriously Screenjunkies.com, why do you post juvenile crap like this? It really weakens your position. Just cut it out. Go intervie Paul Thomas Anderson.

10. Showing Off Some Sweet Moves Damn man! Shatner's got some moves. I dunno, is that a stunt double? He can’t be doing his own work in that scene. It’s just too risky.

11. Rendering MC Skillz Unto Caesar

He looks too comfortable doing that. Way too comfortable. That’s sooooo Shatner.

12. Saying Listen All Ya’ll This is “Sabataaage”

I don't like it when people pronounce words wrong. Like instead of “molested” they pronounce it “mall-ested.” But in this case, he’s right.

13. Singing "Common People"

We will leave you with a music video mashup of the old Star Trek animated show, Shatner’s spoken world, and Pulp's “Common People.” It’s actually kind of rad.

Mr. Shatner: although your presence may be missed, your contribution shall NEVER be forgotten. Live long and prosper, from Screenjunkies.com.



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