Attractive women can get away with a lot. Supermodels can get away with more.  I call this the Tyra Banks Effect. She can be serious, or be a total goofball. Whatever the mood, she is always very, very hot. Enjoy.

1. Revealing Her Biggest Beauty Secret
Tyra Banks Goes Insane - Watch more free videos It’s a 100-dollar jewel encrusted Vaseline case. That’s her biggest beauty secret. Vaseline. Not puppy blood, or rhino scrote. Vaseline.

2. Yelling On The Set Of America’s Next Top Ghetto Queen I never watched this show because I am not gay. But this clip is amazing. I like the part when the model basically says YA’LL DON’T KNOW ME! I DO WHAT I WANT! I DO WHAT I WANT.

3. Falling Over Wait a second. I never would have thought Tyra would be someone that was afraid of pricks. Oh damn, get it? Pricks!

4. Helping Women Understand Their Anatomy Man, I think that if I ever came across a girl with a “Vulva Puppet” that was that big I would probably run really, really hard and not stop running until I had turned gay. But honestly, at 2:18 the Pupetmaster finally clears up this whole confusing issue of clitoral peeing, once and for all.

5. Feeling Her Up
Tyra Banks Grabs Katherine McPhees Boobs - Watch more free videosOh man. It just strikes me as weird that this girl’s big concern is that the world thinks her tits aren’t real. Half of the world is dudes, so that means half of the world doesn’t care if they’re real or not.

6. Feeling Him Up If you look really close you can tell that Rosie totally gets a boner from this.

7. Combating Allegations Of Plumpness There were some pictures that wer taken of Tyra where she is definitely larger than usual. Which is fine, guys are fat all the time, false standard, whatever. But in this clip she basically plays the “my fatness was an optical illusion” card followed up by the “and even if it wasn’t all smoke and mirrors, you should be ashamed for holding women to such an unattainable standard” argument. Watch the whole thing.

8. Modeling The Bling Bra I wanted to follow up the last video with this one. Nothing kills the “you shouldn’t hold women to an unattainable standard” like a ten million dollar bra.

9. Offering Bathroom Tips Women area like algebra. I didn’t get it in high school, so I’ll probably never get it.

10. Saying “Bitches, I Am The QUEEN” The reason that Tyra is particularly good for this list is that there are moments where she really does do some crazy stuff. She’s like an ADD kid after a three liter of Mountain Dew. I realize this one is an act for her show, but she still has that wild look in her eyes.

11. Giving Little Bow Wow The Sex Talk Man, I wish a supermodel would have put me on her lap and explained how it all worked. Instead I got a piggyback from a tranny, and I had NO CLUE what he/she was talking about.

12. Taking Time For The Little People This looks like attack of the 50ft woman. Wait for the end. I know that it’s hard to find formal attire for people that are two feet tall. But they could have tried a little harder.

13. Having A Wigdrobe Malfunction

I like this one because she’s bouncing around in a Kangaroo Costume.

Tyra Banks: we love you. Keep them coming.

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