Every year the airwaves are filled with the holiday joy of everyone's favorite Christmas time classics.  Not much is said though of the other movies that also take place during Christmas.  For the forgotten and unrecognized holiday movies that have brought countless hours of entertainment during this special time of the year we give you the best 11 Non-Traditional Christmas movies.

11. Silent Night, Deadly Night

Kids + Christmas + A Murdering Thief Dressed Like Santa = Lots And Lots Of Therapy.  In this twisted holiday tale 2 kids witness the murder of their parents and of course as many of you probably can guess loads of hilarity ensues.

10. Batman Returns

Now I know there is an argument out there over who is the better Batman, Michael Keaton or Christian Bale, but for the sake of the holiday spirit lets keep in mind the real reason we've come to love this movie...Christopher Walken! He stars as the evil Max Shreck who attempts to take over Gotham City via the Penguin's dastardly deeds! 

9. Eyes Wide Shut

This movie is on the list purely out of my own sadistic desire to see it replace A Christmas Story on 24 hour cable rotation. I can see it now while the kids open their presents Nicole Kidman's lilly white ass is in 1/10 of an orgy scene on TV.  Merry Christmas Grandma.

8. The Ref

Denis Leary plays a cat burglar who breaks into a house and kidnaps a couple who is in the middle of marital troubles. The holiday fun breaks out when he has to pretend he's the couple's marriage councilor at their dinner party.

7. Trapped In Paradise

I have to admit this movie is quite horrible, but I think I figured out that this holiday movie marks the exact moment that Nicholas Cage turned his acting career around and became the great master thespian the world has come to love. And that my friends is a true Christmas miracle!

6. Edward Scissor Hands

Tim Burton's fairy tale classic is the story of a man with scissors for hands who's befriended by an Avon lady and brought to a quiet suburban town to live with the locals.  He's accepted into the neighborhood until he's falsely accused of a crime.

5. Trading Places

Remember when Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykryod were funny? Well here's something just in time for the country's financial crisis. Trading Places is the story of rags to riches and vice versa.  Murphy and Aykroyd switch the lives of a street hustler and successful commodity broker.

4. Gremlins

When I was a kid there would always be one toy that would end up getting broken by the end of Christmas night.  When I'd cry to my mom she would end up telling me it was a gremlin that was responsible for it breaking.  I'm not sure if this movie is the same thing my mom was talking about, but she sure did have a strict rule of NEVER feeding me after midnight.

3. Black Christmas

Forget about the BS remake nonsense because this is the real deal.  Once all the presents are put away and all the eggnog has been drank dim the lights down and put this classic on.  A murderous psychopath terrifies a sorority house on Christmas Eve.  Whatever you do, don't answer the phone.

2. Lethal Weapon

Nothing brings back Christmas memories around the Dr. Bruce household like hookers, opium trafficking, Gary Busey, and a suicidal cop on the edge.  Crime in L.A. never sleeps, especially during the holiday season.

1. Diehard

Die Hard in my opinion is the end all of end all Christmas movies.  Fighting mobs of shoppers on black friday ain't nothing! Try being a shoeless New York cop on Christmas Eve going up against Hans Gruber and his band of merry terrorists as they attempt to take over the Nakatomi Building.  "Now I have a machine gun, Ho-Ho-Ho"

Merry Christmas from Screenjunkies.com!