11 Craziest Madonna Moments

Wednesday, October 1 by

7. Being A Diva-esque Bitch I guess you have to act like this when you get the chance. If you’re a diva it’s in your job description. If you don’t do it people will get confused. Poor interviewer though.

8. Just Not Understanding The Question Apparently there are some pretty strange ground rules that the Madonna requires of journalists. At Live Earth in 2007, “…interviewers were instructed by minions: Eye contact must be maintained at all times; Never look down to check notes – all questions must be memorized or the interview will be terminated.” Personally, as a fake journalist, if I was ever given access to Madonna I would try to violate every possible rule within the first 17 seconds of the interview because that would be WAY more interesting.

9. Security Sacking A Fan That is a totally awesome interception of crazy. At first you think that the person running up the middle of the stage is the fan. But it’s the bodyguard going after the fan, and dragging them off the stage by their face.

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