11 Craziest Madonna Moments

Wednesday, October 1 by

4. Making Out With Britney…In SLOW MO There times when Madonna is genuinely hot. There are more times when she is genuinely annoying. This one falls in the hot category.

5. Telling The Fans To Shut Up I just fucking love it when pop stars act like they are doing concert-goers a huge favor by performing their act. It makes me want point a Colt-45 at her feet and say LISTEN BITCH, NOW YOU START DANCING OR I START SHOOTING, UNDERSTAND?

6. Reminding Motherfuckers Not To Throw Stuff On Her Stage Yeah, it’s annoying to have people splash you with water. But it’s part of the job. If this were a hardcore club some time in the late 80’s water would be the last fluid you would be worrying about.

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