I’ve been missing Ann Coulter's horsey face lately. When she’s quiet, it's like I forget how important it is to hate your fellow human beings. Here are a few of her craziest moments, in hopes we can inspire her to flap that lip again sometime soon.

 1. Freaking out on Joe Scarborough

It’s like nails on a chalkboard covered in half dead babies that are all crying a John Tesh song.

2. Adam Corolla Hanging Up On Her
Adam Corolla Hangs Up On Ann Coulter - Watch more free videos

Man, that is sooo satisfying. Why is she so great?

3. Attempted Pie-ing.

Gotta give it to her: Bitch got ninja moves.

4. Calling John Edwards a Fag
Ann Coulter Uses Slur Against John Edwards - Watch more free videos

John Edwards might be a lot of things, but a homo he ain’t.

5. Being Called Out By Elizabeth Edwards
Ann Coulter get taken down a peg - Watch more free videos


6. Saying Democrats Are Gay
Ann Coulter On Al Gore - Watch more free videos

Seriously Ann, Just because the Democrats don’t want to hump you doesn’t mean they’re gay.

7. Storming Off Hannity and Colmes

She said things in Afghanistan are going swimmingly. Since Afghanistan became Afghanistan, things have never gone swimmingly.

8. On The Topic of 9-11 Widows

Matt Lauer has Xanax for breakfast. It takes a lot to get under his skin. But Ann manages.

9 Talking Like the Cast of Generation Kill

Generation Kill is one of our favorite shows. Let’s send Ann to the war we’re about to have with Russia.

10. Show’s Off Her Knowledge of History 

Canada Took a Pass on Vietnam, ANN.

11. Bagdad = LA.

Wait, she’s sort of right on that one.

Come Back Ann! We miss you. Call me. Love, Screenjunkies