10 Craziest Kelsey Grammer Moments

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Screenjunkies’ ongoing series of Craziest Moments brings a man so brilliantly suited for the spotlight that the list practically compiles itself. You have to ask: Is Kelsey a thespian? Is he a motivational speaker? Is he a choral god with Pan’s Pipes just freaking genetically sewn into his throat muscles? The answer, dear friends, is a resounding YES. We hope you enjoy.

1. Falling Off The Stage
Down Goes Frasier, Down Goes Frasier – Watch more free videos

Let me just quote this one. “[Unintelligible something about Disney World ride]…pretending I was a UN Interpreter UMMPH GOOD LORD!”  Does it get any more magical than that?  No, it doesn’t.

2. Singing The Frasier Song Weirdly Off-Key

Man, it must take a pillowcase full of blow to think this is a good idea. Is it possible to ruin an already crappy song? Yes, yes it is.

3. Cursing Like a Sailor

This is actually kind of funny. A lot of people on the internet think it’s real.

4. Nailing That High Note, Just NAILING It

5. Going Head To Head With Mr. Shake Hands Man

Holy Shit! Mr. Shake Hand Man II! Where have you been! Man, at one point during the main event he says “mean machine.”

6. Getting Phone Calls On Letterman

This isn’t really a crazy moment per se, but it is a douchie moment. He says he’s staying at the Waldorf Astoria, where they’ve blocked off an entire floor for Colin Powell. He’s going to plays by Moliere.

7. Singing Louis Armstrong At A Retarded Kids Day Parade


8. Just Really Needing Some Work

According to IMDB, "Grammer is the first actor in television history to receive multiple Emmy nominations for performing the same role on three series." Wait, that’s really complicated, I have to read it again. What does it have to do with singing bears?

9. Just Wanting to Get His Nut…His Honey Nut

In the words of the immortal Bill Hicks. If you do a commercial, you are off the artistic roll call. Even more so If it’s for Honey Nut Cheerios.

10. Runs For President On The Gay Millitary Platform
Kelsey Grammer runs for president. WTF – Watch more free videos

This clip comes from the recent movie Swing Vote. Am I the only one who is aroused?

On a final note, when Fox News made their own version of The Daily Show, we all wanted to grab the closest dude with a bowtie and just give him a hug and say, “Hey man, you tried, but it’s just something your people can never do. Why don’t you just stick to drilling in Alaska and giving O’Reilly a reach around?” I was a little saddened to see clips from the new David Zucker movie American Caroll, a parody about a Michael Moore lookalike trying to destroy America. This is a man who brought us The Naked Gun and Airplane, arguably two of the finest movies in cinematic history. There are plenty of liberals out there who deserve a good trashing. But taking a stab at Moore is just too easy. Humor is weapon of the left, not the right. Anyway, my point is that it looks terrible and Kelsey Grammer is in it.

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