Romance was in the air for 2008, so naming the 10 best romantic movies of 2008 is not an easy task. Great romantic movies have a strong balance between drama and comic relief to keep the audience entertained.

  1. “Definitely Maybe” shares the attempts of a little girl who tries to reconcile her parents marriage. She takes them down memory lane, but quickly learns that love is more complicated than it seems.

  2. “27 Dresses” tells the story of Jane, a young woman who has been a bridesmaid 27 times. She has trouble when her sister ask her to be the maid-of-honor for her wedding. The twist is her sister is marrying the man Jane has loved for years.

  3. “Sex and the City” was a great television series and in 2008 it became a great romantic movie. Carrie may finally get to marry the man who has always had a pull on her heart, Mr. Big, but will tales of others distress relationships send him running?

  4. “Over Her Dead Body” is a romantic comedy about a woman who died on her wedding day. A year later her would be husband starts a new romance. She does all she can to try and stop the relationship from blossoming.

  5. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” has a great storyline and humor. Peter's friends take him to Hawaii to get over his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately while on vacation Peter runs into Sarah and her new boyfriend.

  6. “Tyler Perry's Meet the Brown's” engages audience with comedy and romance. Brenda is a hard working single mom, who finds out her estranged father has passed away. She takes her children to meet her father's side of the family and ends up meeting a love interest. Because of passed experience Brenda is slow to let him into her heart.

  7. Wall-E” may seem like an odd contender for best romantic movie of 2008, but it really fits the bill. Wall-E is the only robot on Earth until he meets Eve. Eve is looking for life and Earth and once found she deactivates Wall-E is confused by her deactivation, but continues to take care of Eve someone comes looking for her.

  8. “Nights in Rodanthe” is a movie about a Adrienne who is searching for tranquility in her life. She ends up at an caring for an inn while her friend is away. During the night a massive storm comes through leaving Adrienne alone with the only guest. He is also facing difficult times and the two turn to each other for comfort.

  9. “Fools Gold” Ben and Tess rekindle their romance while searching for the lost sunken dowry of an 18th Century queen. The movie provides quirky humor and romantic moments.

  10. “Twilight” has been quite the rage, and in 2008 was said to be the best romantic movie by many. It is a story about a vampire who meets a girl that he feels instantly connected too. Besides falling madly in love with her he also craves her blood more than anyone else ever. He must fight the urge to kill her so they can be together.