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Women of Watchmen: Malin Akerman

Who watches the Watchmen?  I’m guessing about everybody, this weekend –  Including homeless people.  Admit it.  If the city sends "interior decorators" to redo your bus shelter once a month with shiny new Watchmen "wallpaper," you’d panhandle just a little extra hard to see what all the buzz is about.

And then there’s the film’s luscious leading lady – Malin Akerman, who’ll be kicking ass and breaking hearts as Laurie Jupiter a.k.a. The Silk Spectre II. 

See more pics of Ms. Malin after the jump…

We know Malin from The Heartbreak Kid, Entourage and… ahem… 27 Dresses.  We know her breasts from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.  Soon, we will need to know her every move after Watchmen skyrockets her into super celeb-dom, and countless out-of-work paparazzi will be afforded jobs.  Now that’s a stimulus package. 


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