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We Ranked The Victoria’s Secret Models On Their Acting, For Some Reason

Jill Goodacre - 300: Goodacre appeared on Friends<,em> when Chandler gets locked in the ATM vestibule. Sadly, this appearance is enough to warrant mentioning on this list. VS models do not have a particularly strong pedigree in the field of acting, as we will see. Jill Goodacre played herself and didn’t even do a particularly good job of that.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is on tonight. Those of you without a reliable internet connection and its treasure trove of hard-core pornography might want to tune in to look at the pretty models. Kanye West and Jay-Z will be there, because why the f%ck wouldn’t they be there? Personally, I’m tuning in for that, and to see if I’m too jaded to get turned on by girls in their underwear. We shall see.

In an effort to establish a tenuous connection between popular Google search terms and the appearance of entertainment journalism, we’ve got a list of Victoria’s Secret models who have gone on to “acting careers.” Take a gander and try to keep it in your pants.

(The numbers by the names is a rating I have assigned each girl based on their acting talent, in which “1” is “bad” and “300” is “model-turned-actress-bad.”

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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