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Warner Bros. Releases Too Many ‘Hangover Part II’ Stills

Somewhere in Burbank, a bunch of Warner Bros. marketing executives are waking up from a long night of partying. They don’t remember the night before, but one of them goes online and realizes they released more than 30 stills from The Hangover Part II. Also, there’s a stupid monkey in the room for some reason.

While those executives piece their night together, you can flip through the above gallery, showing highlights from the newly released group of high quality pics from the summer sequel, starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed HelmsĀ and Ken Jeong. The Wolf Pack is back, doing things that are similar to their first outing, but also enough different stuff to warrant your $38.

Directed by Todd Phillips, The Hangover Part II drunkenly stumbles into theaters May 26th. (More images at Collider)

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