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W. Ad and Posters Light on Shock and Awe

I know W. is going to be a big deal when it comes out, you know, because of all the terrible decision making and such, but if you’re the kind of person that just really doesn’t give a crap about politics like me, this movie might not be for you. That’s not to say that it won’t be really good, but I’d rather watch Michael Bay’s W., than Oliver Stone’s. Think about it. Cheney could turn into some kind of huge tractor trailer that drives over hippies and turns them into greenhouse gasses. While ol’ W himself could turn himself into some kind of Skynet robot that launches all the WMDs at the moon. Why? Because it’s planning something. Oh, yeah. It thinks we don’t know, but we do.

But, instead you can watch a movie about the president and all of his presidential duties. Again, still might be good, just not as good as robots. Just sayin’.


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