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Vanessa Hudgens

As far as up-and-coming actresses go, Beastly actress Vanessa Hudgens is a weird case. She’s a direct product of the Disney-inustrial complex, so it’s tempting to write her off as just another disposable, fresh-faced Franken-bot designed to entertatain the pre-teen masses until something better comes along. Hudgens, however, seems to possess a somewhat longer shelf life than the majority of her dancing, singing, Sketchers-wearing peers. She’s trying for edgier roles, moving away from the predictable paths of self-destruction trailblazed by the Lohans of the world and taking on projects that might actually be… kind of cool. Sucker Punch, for example, will surely be a sweet ride, and Hudgens will be right there in a starring role. Of course, it’s too early to predict where she’ll be in a few years. The life of a child star is a volatile one, and cocaine is a hell of a drug.

A word from Vanessa: “My passion is doing movies, and as long as I keep doing that, I’ll be happy. I want to do movies, fun roles and dramatic ones. I love all of it.”

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