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This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful For ‘Prometheus’ Stills From ‘Entertainment Weekly’

Entertainment Weekly has our first looks at Prometheus stills, and boy, oh, boy are they pictures from the movie!

The images prove that the news about casting Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender, and Charlize Theron weren’t dirty lies after all. I knew it!

These pics really don’t lend themselves to commentary, but it would appear that Ridley Scott’s Alien sort-of prequel has some ancient alien heads, nifty uniforms and spacesuits, and an extremely pixelated spaceship (though that couldĀ justĀ be the scan quality).

Draw your own conclusions from these, or conservatively wait to pass judgment until you get more information. Sorry if that sounded judge-y. I seriously don’t care what you do.

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