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The 16 Sexiest WAGs of ‘Expendables’ Cast Members

Demi Moore, ex-wife of Bruce Willis (The Expendables 1 & 2)

Over three installments, the Expendables action series has featured an army of Hollywood’s most iconic tough guys. And as you can imagine, some of these dudes have been notoriously lucky with the ladies. (Some advice for all you single guys out there: Get millions of dollars, lots of muscles, and at least one decent catchphrase.)

With The Expendables 3 hitting theaters this Friday, we decided to pay tribute to the hottest wives and girlfriends — mostly of the “ex” variety — to ever appear on the arms of Expendables cast-members. Check ‘em out in the gallery above, and if we’ve left out any of good ones, let us know on twitter @screenjunkies.

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