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The 10 Least Deserving Actors On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Buzz Aldrin
Yup. Buzz Aldrin has a star for "television." I guess the moon landing made for some pretty compelling television, but so did the JFK assaination and Lee Harvey Oswald doesn't have a star. Isn't being a national hero enough? Does he have to be a TV star too?

Steve Guttenberg got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. While the timing might seem a little odd (though he was somewhat recently on Dancing with the Stars), he was a staple of movie theaters throughout the 1980’s with films in the Police Academy series, Cocoon, and Three Men and a Baby, later to become a Little Lady. His ubiquity during this time puts this award in the “better late than never” category for me.

Many will be shocked to learn that he is the 2,455th person to get their star on the walk of fame. Though many are industry insiders and not bona fide stars, there are some actors that made the cut who are just baffling. In fact, let’s kick off this list of undeserving stars with a guy who really isn’t a star at all.

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