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SXSW Pic Gallery: ‘Paul’, Conan, And Del Toro

While reporting from South by Southwest I’ve stood on a few red carpets to get interviews, and sat in a few screenings where the stars got on stage for a Q&A. At the premiere of Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop, O’Brien got out of his car on the street and greeted fans on his way to the photo pit, including Allison Schiman in her pro-jeggings tank top. After the movie, O’Brien answered questions from the audience.

At the red carpet for Paul and Bridesmaids, Kristin Wiig did press for both films. Paul’s Simon Pegg and Nick Frost also walked. The whole gang got on stage before and after Paul to geek out with the fanboy crowd.

At the Aint It Cool News secret screening, Harry Knowles teased the film and special guest. It was Guilermo del Toro who revealed the movie would be 1981’s Dragonslayer. After the film, Knowles and del Toro spent a half hour discussing how they felt the film had more balls than today’s kids movies and fantasy movies in general.

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