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‘Superman’ Set Photos Aren’t That Super, Man

Because it’s an amazingly slow news day, we’ve got some set pics from Superman: Man of Steel. And while they don’t show much in the way of characters or action, this gallery more than makes up for it with three shots of the same house from the same angle. Before you ask yourself, “Why would someone do that?” let me share with you that the shadows on the house indicate that the pics wer taken at different times. So there.

We also see that the school buses belong to the Smallville School District. That’s right. They stenciled “Smallville” on perfectly good school buses, all in the name of authenticity. What commitment by Zach Snyder and Co.

All is not lost, though, because the house in question is the Kent family farmhouse. Out front is where Clark and his date got picked up from the prom, and off to the left, you can see the fence that Clark tried to climb over, and ended up tearing his scrotum. Not really, but admit you looked. Everyone knows that Superman‘s scrotum can only be torn with a kryptonite chainsaw. Duh.

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