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‘Spider-Man’ Pics Get Us More Familiar With Andrew, Rhys, And Emma

Some new stills from The Amazing Spider-Man have rolled on in courtesy of EW, and while they don’t give a lot of context to the superhero this time around, they give us several close-up looks at his suit, which we had seen a few months back.

They do offer one small layout of “action shots,” that show Garfield‘s Peter Parker crouching on the ceiling of a subway car, getting a sponge bath, and rifling through Martin Sheen‘s briefcase. He’s really living the dream in these stills!

Beyond that, we get a look at Rhys Ifans looking like the scientist who is just waiting to turn evil, and we get a couple stills that have Emma Stone in the mix as well. While there’s not a lot here to differentiate these installment from the earlier ones, the pics do remind us that Spidey is coming, which is probably all we really need to know anyway. Click for more funny pics.


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